picd.in Frequently Asked Questions

How to take a screenshot?

You can install the picd screenshot tool and just hit the PrntScr hotkey on your keyboard.

Can I find all the screenshots I've taken?

You will receive a unique link to your screenshot, so you can see and share your screenshot using this link.

I have accidentally uploaded an image with private information. Can I remove it from picd.in?

Sure, you can ask our team to remove the screenshot from picd.in via our email remove@picd.in. You can also press the abuse button under the image on our website.

Can I copy a screenshot to the Windows clipboard?

Not by now, but we will implement that in the future.

Can picd run on Mac?

Not by now.

What image formats are supported?

The website accepts .png, .bmp, .jpg, .webp and .henc formats.

I have found a problem with picd. How can I have it solved?

Please make sure you are using the latest build, and if its still there contact us.

I’d like to share my feedback about picd. How can I contact you?

We really appreciate your feedback! Please send us an email, at admin@picd.in.

What hotkeys does picd have?

picd software will recognize the Print Screen button press.

I want to remove picd, how can I do that?

You uninstall the software using the regular procedure on your OS. Check the picd uninstall page to get further information.