or send a screenshot right now:

1. Click on the window you want to capture.

2. Press Alt + Print Screen.

3. Click back on this webpage.

4. Press Ctrl + V to upload the image.

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Want to share image files and screenshots instantly online?

Use picd.in! picd.in is a modern and handy service to share images and screenshots

You just need seconds to share your screenshots online. picd.in is a great service with a very simple interface

Share images and screenshots easily

Compared to similar services, picd.in is much simpler and faster

One click to share

How do you create a screenshot on a computer? The PrintScreen button is often used for screenshots in the majority of operating systems. In fact, there is no other purpose for this button, usually. Can you change that? Yes, but you would need to install other software for such change. It is much easier to have a specialized software for taking screenshots and then you can change many options, including the shortkey for the tool.

Do you want to know how easy it is to share a screenshot with picd.in? After having picd.in installed, an icon will appear on system tray. Then, just press PrintScreen button. A message will appear on the screen saying that you can right click to select all of the screen, or click and drag to select a specific area of the screen.

Learn more about the tools

Save only the area you need

What if you just need a fraction of the screeen, not all of it? After pressing PrintScreen button, click and drag the area you want to select on screen. Then, some tool buttons will appear below the rectangle you just draw. With this tools, you can make a lot of things. For example, you can draw an arrow, a line, you can create a mark or blur some area. If you want to change the rectangle area, you can do that anytime by dragging the borders of the rectangle. When you click on the upload button, the image will be uploaded to picd.in service automatically. You can also download the image as a local image, or you can copy the image to the clipboard.

picd.in is a screenshot with a social touch

You can send images using Telegram or Whatsapp. But what if you what to share just a link, not an entire image, and make sure you can access this image even without your device or app? With picd.in you can share screenshots via social networks easily. It's really fast. picd.in website provides integration with links for most popular social networks, so you can share your image links with friends in Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype etc.

A service to share images and screenshots

This is picd.in

picd.in have some useful and convenient hot keys. For example, pressing PrintScreen, picd application will take a screenshot and ask you what area of the screen you wanto to share. It will also show you some tools to make chagens on the image: you can draw an arrow, a line, you can draw a rectangle or a circle, you can blur some part of the image.

picd.in can send your images to the cloud

picd.in is a convenient website where you can store your images in the cloud. To send your images to the website, visit drag and drop the image on the top area of the main page.

picd.in also works locally

If you don't want to send your images to the cloud, but instead just want them to be on your computer, you can do so. Just save the image into your local storage. There are various options on the "Settings" panel where you can set the general behaviour of this task.

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